Luxe Vibes Vivid Muga Set

Luxe Vibes Vivid Muga Set

SKU: TS100068

With a hint of glamour and a burst of tradition, the latest #LuxeVibesMugaCollection from the House of Tinsel truly has an eternal charm that exudes an aura of modern artistry. We pride in bringing the Purest of the Pure Muga Silk to you in this classic luxurious collection celebrating the extremely rich heritage of Axom. Revive these timeless couture pieces and add an essence of that chic Luxe to your wardrobe.


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  • Storage and Care Instructions

    • After wearing, dry your Silk attire in shade to remove sweat.
    • Wrap Silk attire with Brown paper to protect silk from Insects, dust, mositure and prevent Blackening of Zari (Guna).
    • Use Silica gel sachets in storage racks.
    • Avoid bleach to clean your Silk attire
    • Stay away for any kind of Chemicals while your wear your Silk Saree / Mekhela Chadar. This includes perfume or any kind of body spray. Use Perfume before you wear your Silk
    • Try to avoid direct sunlight exposure for long durations
    • Don’t treat stains with water
    • Don’t wring dry (Never ever squeeze it!) and put your Silk garment only in Shade for drying
    • Avoid spraying water while ironing
    • Iron only the backside
  • Material

    100% Pure Lab-certified Assam Muga Silk.